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The Hobbit: An unexpected gif challenge

The 14th GIF is your reaction being thrown into Middle-Earth:


The 34th GIF is you upon meeting Bilbo Baggins:


The 16th GIF is you upon meeting Gandalf:


The 11th GIF is you when he asks you and Bilbo to go on an adventure with him:

[i guess i don’t like that idea much]

The 22nd GIF is you when there is a knock on the door and Dwalin enters:

[treating dwalin like that? not a good idea]

They start ravaging the place for food, and begin feasting, singing songs. You react with the 20th GIF:

The 31st GIF is you when Thorin comes in:

[hell yeah]

The 9th GIF is you when you hear Bilbo and you are the Burglars:

[not impressed]

Your adventure starts!! The 21st GIF is you:

[celebrating time!]

The 44rd GIF is you when you’re captured by the Trolls:

[hahahaha, in your faces!]

The trolls are defeated. To celebrate, you react with the 18th GIF:


The 28th GIF is you when you meet Radagast the Brown:

You’re chased by Wargs and Orcs, you react with the 55th GIF:

[defeat them with love, lol]

The elves rescue you and you react with the 3rd GIF:

[it seems like i don’t like elves. thorin should be proud]

The 23rd GIF is you when you see Rivendell:

[vegan party!]

The adventure goes on, you’re captured by Goblins and react with the 37th GIF:

Gandalf rescues you all and you fight through the caves with the 48th GIF:

[this is probably the most accurate gif <3]

The 5th GIF is you, hanging on the tree when you run into Azog the Orc War-Chief:

[im tired of your shit, azgog]

You are rescued by the Eagles, and they drop you off a cliff, celebrate with the 51st GIF:

[thank u!]

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